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Poolstore Skimtrol Vacuum Plates

Poolstore Skimtrol Plates are used as a replacement for your standard vacuum plate that came with your pool’s skimmer box.

Poolstore’s Skimtol plate is equipped with a suction control valve, which allows the user to regulate the amount of water being bypassed to an automatic pool cleaner.

Simply turning the valve clockwise, will decrease the pool’s ability to skim the pool’s surface and allow more water flow to the suction cleaner and increase the speed the unit. Turning the valve counter-clockwise will then slow the cleaner down and increase the pool’s skimming action.

It’s that simple.


  • Made for each Specific skimmer Box both old & new
  • Heavy duty construction
  • High grade stainless steel tension spring
  • Can be used simply as a replacement vacuum plate
  • Totally re-buildable with only one main moving part

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  1. Clark Skimtrol Plate

    Skimtrol Plate to suit Clark Skimmer Box
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