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  1. 40mm Pipe Clips
    40mm Pipe Clips Learn More
  2. Poolstore 40mm Vacuum Breaker
    Poolstore 40mm Vacuum Breaker Learn More
  3. Solartaire Absorber
    50m Roll of Premium Solar Absorber 10 year Warranty* Learn More
  4. Solartaire Manifold
    Solar Manifold 10 barb socket Learn More
  5. Solartaire Tri-lock sleeve
    Solartaire tri-lock Sleeve PKT 100 Learn More
  6. XK Booster Pump

    Poolstore XK Booster Pump

    Small in size, Big in performance Poolstore introduces the 750 input watt XK Booster Pump. This little beauty will meet the demands of many different tasks, from Above ground filter units to small pools/ponds and for a recirculating system in the installation of a water feature/ waterfall. Features • Connection Unions supplied for ease of installation • Extra-large cooling fins on electric motor • Solid mounting foot • Industrial Grade mechanical Seal for extended life cycle • Extremely quiet operation • Compact in size to fit into those “hard to fit” situations • 12 months Warranty Learn More
Set Descending Direction

6 Items

per page