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PE High Rate Media Filter

PE High Rate Media Filter

Poolstore PE High Rate Media Filter

If you’re looking for reliable professional performance look no further. Poolstore’s PE range of high rate media filters were specifically designed for Australian residential and semi-commercial conditions.Using state of the art materials, computer aided designs and proven technology we have developed the ideal filter. Its ease of operation makes it a market leader. ”just backwash, rinse and forget” it’s that easy!


  • 4 Models to choose from, Spas to large pools
  • Spherical construction for added strength
  • Connecting unions supplied
  • Suitable for Salt, Mineral, fresh and ozone pools
  • Several types of filtration media can be used, Sand, Zeolite and Poolstore “Shimlon” Glass media for superior, finer filtration
  • Specially designed heavy duty anti clogging underdrain
  • 6 Position multi-port valve for easy maintenance
  • Pressure gauge indicates when filter needs backwashing
  • Backwash sight glass indicates when filter media is clean
  • 5 year tank warranty
  • Australian designed and manufactured
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