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3phase Electric Heater

3phase Electric Heater

Poolstore Commercial 3Phase Heater

The new improved Poolstore Commercial 3Phase Electric Heater is a complete system for full controlled electric heating of pools & spas. It’s 99% efficiency and ease of installation and operation have made this durable and reliable weatherproof pool and spa heater the perfect choice among architect, pool builders and owners alike. Features • 18kw, 24kw, 30kw, 36kw & 48kw sizes in stock. With 15kw, 33kw, 39kw & 42kw made by special order. • Spas to large pools (including salt water) and outdoor installations • Corrosion free cross linked thermo polyethylene tank. • Weatherproof to IP.3.4. • 50mm union fittings on both inlet & outlet for ease of installation • Water flow switch for safe reliable operation. If water flow stops, the heater automatically shuts off. • Large sacrificial anode to further protect heating elements • Marine grade Stainless Steel control panel • Easy to install. Totally prewired (including contactors). Just provide incoming supply & isolation switch • Ease of operation, one on/off switch, one digital thermostat to control your desired temperature- up to 40’c • Over temperature cut-out in the event of system failure ( manually resettable) • Complies with Australian & New Zealand Energy Authority Regulations. Approval No. N15084 • Greater than 99% energy efficient. • 12 month warranty*

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  1. 18kW 3Phase Heater

    18kW 3phase Heater Approx 4.3 degree rise in temp per hour in 3000 litres
  2. 24kW 3phase Heater

    24kW 3phase Heater Approx 5.7 degree temp rise per hour in 3000 litres 12month Warranty*
  3. 30kW 3phase heater

    30kW 3phase Electric heater Approx 7.1 degree rise in temp per hour in 3000 litres 12month warranty*
  4. 36kW 3phase Heater

    36kW 3phase Electric heater Approx 8.7 degree rise in temp per hour in 3000 litres 12month warranty*
  5. 48kW 3phase Electric Heater

    48kW 3phase Electric Heater Approx 11.7 degree rise in temp per hour in 3000 litres 12month warranty*
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